08 Jul


Two days of sun in a row is as much as you can get in Norway!
We woke up to a tent covered with water, it felt like someone had thrown buckets of water at the tent. We took a look outside and realized that everything around us was completely wet except the inside of our tent.

Our best option was to have breakfast inside. We ate just two cereal bars each, and then we packed our stuff while still being inside the tent. Unfortunately as there was no shelter, the tent had to be packed completely wet.

With a low motivation and some frustration we got on the road with one goal: reach the first restaurant on our path located 36km away from our camp. Slowly and steadily we got there under the rain while trying to enjoy the small parts of landscape that were not hidden by the clouds.

We reached this lovely place called Livland gård, a cosy and family driven restaurant. Maria had Norwegian bacalao, a classic recipe from Norway which reminded her of her mom’s cod fish with tomato sauce. Baptiste had a local meat soup to warm up. 

We shared a rhubarb pie and a waffle for dessert.

As we were getting warmer we were also getting concerned about the idea of sleeping in a wet tent in the upcoming evening, it was still raining…

We reminded ourselves: We are on vacation, so let’s enjoy it! So we booked an apartment with shower, washing machine and kitchen. We had a new motivation for the day, reach this apartment.

The rain stopped during the afternoon and we slowly started to enjoy the landscape which made us realize that we were actually in the Lofoten islands!

The rain came back as the same time as the wind and the road became quite crowded as well, it was about time that we reached the apartment. We had biked about 85km in total.

We had a very appreciated warm shower, we washed our clothes and we then cooked a delicious dinner.

It is in this kind of moments that you appreciate so much the simple things in life. Looking forward to a good night of sleep.

More pictures from the day

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