01 Jul

This is it! Saturday 1st of July is the first step of our bikepacking trip in Norway that we have been preparing for the last six months.

Baptiste crossed the bridge the day before to join Maria in her apartment in Copenhagen. The goal for the day was very clear: Pack both bikes and the equipment in boxes.

We went through the long list of equipment that was prepared a long time in advance and double checked that everything was in the box: tent, sleeping bag, mattress, clothes, hygienic products, cooking set and few more things. Space and weight are critical for an enjoyable bike ride and choices had to be made, Baptiste had to agree that he could not bring his chessboard…

Oh and of course the disassembled bikes needed to be added as well. We want to say thank you to the local bike shop in Valby who helped to remove the pedals from Baptiste bike.

After playing Tetris for few hours the boxes were finally ready to be sealed. (Note for ourselves: Do not buy cheap last minute tape from a local supermarket)

The plane weigh limit is set to 23kg for each box, so in order to avoid problems and extra fees at the airport, we decided to weight them. The verdict is: 22.4kg for each box. We could feel a sign of relief in the room.

The boxes were then loaded in the car. Next step tomorrow morning, direction Cph airport with the hope that everything will go well.

We could finally fall asleep and start dreaming about out next destination: Tromsø.

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