04 Jul


On day 3 we woke early in order to prepare the start of our journey to Trondheim. After we had breakfast and packed everything it was already 10am and we were finally ready to hit the road.

Few meters after we left the hotel we experienced a first climb that made us doubt right away about our readiness for Norway. Luckily for us it was not a super long climb and very quickly we crossed the bridge to leave Tromsø and reach Kvaløya.

We started to discover even more the beauty of Norway, the landscape is simply amazing. We were biking on a road surrounded by water and mountains covered with forest and even some snow.

There was not much traffic and we felt safe overall. We continued our way to the Sommaroy island and its iconic bridge, our initial plan was to camp there, but we arrived super early and instead we decided to reach Senja before the evening.

We took our first ferry, it was free for bikepackers. We were not the only bikepackers on the boat and we actually met quite a few during the day. It was nice to discuss with a man who rode from Finland.

After the short cruise we got back on the bikes and then climbed in the mountains to reach our first camp.

We are writing those lines after a delicious bowl of pasta and comfortably installed in our tent planted in the middle of the mountains. We are looking forward to tomorrow and surely explore the scenic road through Senja.

It took us some time to update the blog as we did not have any network.

More photos from the day:

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