06 Jul


The day started early, this time we did not cook porridge, in order to save time we just ate some bars and a kiwi, and as usual we went through our packing routine. It was still cold and raining lightly. We biked a bit more than 1h to reach Gryllefjord and took the ferry to Andenes.

The ferry took around 1h, it was a good opportunity to get warmer and enjoy the delicious waffles that they serve onboard. When we arrived in Andenes it was sunny and we decided to have lunch in a restaurant there. Once again we opted for the fish’n’chips, it was once again very delicious.

After lunch it was time to get back on the bikes to move south towards the lofoten islands. We biked on the main road along the coast, with the sun in our face and the wind in our back, it felt nice. The road was also quite flat compared to the previous days, but we could still see the mountains around us, as usual very beautiful.

We passed by Rimmarsøy and got some food for our dinner and then reached our camping for the night. We had a warm shower that was really appreciated.

The view from the camping is simply amazing and we will probably try to watch the midnight sun.

More pictures from the day:

One more comment about that bridge, we passed it towards the end of the day, the view from the top was stunning but cars were driving very fast and it was a bit narrow, therefore it was too dangerous to stop to take pictures.

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