05 Jul


After a good night of sleep in our tent, we had porridge for breakfast and then packed our bikes to be back on the road around 11:00am. We continued our way through Senja and towards a small village named Fjordgard. In order to go there we crossed three tunnels, including a 2.2km long one. Tunnels can be a bit scared and sometimes freezing cold. We managed to reach the village located in the middle dimanche f an absolutely beautiful fjord and rewarded ourselves with a fish’n’chips made of local fish.

We then went back on the bikes and explored the next fjords of Senja while also going through more tunnels. The feeling of getting out of a tunnel and discovering a new fjord is amazing.

It is sometimes possible to alert cars that cyclists are crossing the tunnel by pushing a button at the entrance.

The weather was very cloudy and most of the time we could not see the top of the mountains. It even became quite humid. We stopped in most of the fjords to enjoy the view and take some pictures.

We made it to Skaland, bought some food for dinner in a small supermarket and then biked a bit more to find a place where to camp. We found a spot close to a closed cafe. We were really tired and very cold because of the freezing wind. We had dinner and then headed as soon possible in our sleeping bags to get a bit warmer. We will have to wake up early tomorrow to take the ferry leaving at 11:00am from Gryllefjord.

More pictures from the day:

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