20 Jul


After more than 16 days on the bike, 1300 km biked and several thousand meters climbed through fjords, tunnels, bridges, farming fields, forests and many other amazing landscapes we made it to Trondheim!

Today we had planned for an easy day. Just 30 km of biking following the coast line opposite to Trondheim, from Leksvik to Vanvikan, and then taking a quick boat (a type of sea bus) from Vanvikan to Trondheim.

We wanted to say thanks to everyone that has been reading the blog and left some comments. We enjoyed sharing this ride with you and felt your warm support along the way!

Now we have a few days in Trondheim before we take the flight back to Copenhagen on Sunday, where we plan to relax, enjoy the city, reflect about the journey during the past two and a half weeks and maybe start planning what will be our next bikepacking trip? :) 

To celebrate our successful trip we had a delicious pizza and we could finally drink our first beer in Norway.

This was our las post - at least for this time. Thanks again and see you soon!

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