19 Jul


During our trip we’ve been eating many different foods, but two items that have always been in our diet almost daily are the Tine forest fruit yogurt and the Zespri kiwis (no sponsoring here). Somehow kiwis in Norway are all at the perfect eating point!

Today it wasn’t different. We had a kiwi and a yogurt and biked to a cafe in Steinkjer city center to get some more breakfast before starting our journey.

The Eurovelo deviates from the main road in order to get into Trondheim and goes through a region named Den gyldne omvei or The Golden road. It is a region full of farms and local producers and it inspires a lot of peace and tranquility. The road goes in between fields and some forests and it has many ups and downs.

We passed once more on a very cool bridge with nice view points.

Around kilometer 40, we stopped to buy some lunch at the local supermarket in Mesvik. Just outside we met with two young and friendly bikepackers from Germany and we chatted a bit with them. We went into the supermarket, but at the cashier the shop assistant told us that the internet connection wasn’t working properly and that we couldn’t pay with card. As good Nordic residents, we were travelling without cash... But there’s always someone out there to help you! We were so lucky that the two German guys offered to give us some cash. Thanks guys if you’re reading this! You made this delicious lunch possible:

Probably one of the most beautiful ends of journey that we had was today. We had climbed many meters through forests as the road after Mesvik deviated from the coast  and went inland through the mountain. To reach our destination for the day, Leksvik, we had 5 km of downhill road in between fields and going down towards to the sea. A wonderful sensation when experienced on the two wheels!

We found a nice corner with grass close to a café to set up the tent. We went inside to ask if it was ok, the owner was very friendly and even showed us a small bathroom where we could take a shower, just what we needed.

We cooked some pasta with our cooking set and then some soup. Sadly for us we suddenly realized that we ran out of gas and we could not finish cooking the soup. We could still enjoy the pasta with some pesto and some fresh cheese. We then went to sleep in our tent, for the last time of this trip.

30 km left of biking! Trondheim starts to feel very close!!

More pictures from the day:

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