12 Jul


Something we had not faced so far during our trip is the wind, we only had one or two days with a slight front wind, so it was not really an obstacle. Today it was different.

Its presence was felt from the early morning when we were in our sleeping bags and the tent started to shake in all the directions, it was hard to sleep. We stayed in the tent until quite late and managed to get back on the road only after 11:30, our slowest start so far.

We had 30km to do to reach the next ferry, it felt very long!! We had most of the time a strong head wind and it was sometimes difficult to bike above 10km/h, and when going uphill it was just difficult to stay on the bike. The kilometers increased very slowly on the counter but we finally managed to reach Ørnes to catch the ferry.

On our way there we also crossed our longest tunnel so far, 3.2km long. It was quite large and with a good lighting. There was also some maintenance ongoing so cars were blocked but not bikes so we felt quite safe to take a picture.

As usual the landscape and the road were really beautiful.

We had a bit of a tasty cake in a cafe while waiting for the ferry and then also bought some lunch. We arrived in Vassdalsvik and got back on the bikes, we had 30km more to do to reach our camping for the night located in Forøy.

The wind was still really strong and mostly coming against us, we could feel that our legs were quite tired. We passed a beautiful fjord and finally we got the wind in our back. We thought we could relax but we faced a very steep climb that got us really exhausted. Once we made it to the top we could enjoy the view.

And also ask a couple of retired people traveling from Scotland to take a picture of us with a sculpture made by a Danish artist: Per Kirkeby.

We biked few more kilometers to reach the camping. We could wash our clothes, enjoy a warm shower and a nice dinner with an amazing view.

We fell asleep quite early. This was our shortest day on the bike with “only” 65km, but if felt like one of the longest. Trondheim still feels quite far. We are hoping to get less wind tomorrow.

More pictures from the day:

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