11 Jul


Today we were back on the bike after our rest day in Bodø. We enjoyed the delicious breakfast from the hotel and packed our things to get back on the road. We left Bodø by the main road, it was sunny and already quite warm. After few kilometers we deviated from the main road and started again to enjoy the landscape. We were a bit scared that after seeing the Lofoten islands we would not be so impressed by the landscape anymore, we were wrong.

We biked along the coast and we were surrounded by pretty high mountains all the time. We passed another pretty nice bridge going on top of a stream with the biggest maelstrom in the world (we let you google what it is). It occurs only 4 times a day and we could sadly not see it this time, but the view from the bridge was good.

We continued our way through the mountains and we started to have some pretty decent climbs. We could definitely feel that our legs were quite tired despite the rest day. It was quite warm and sunny but we could see some really nasty clouds around us and we started to hear thunder.

We managed to avoid them and a bit later stopped in a supermarket to buy some food as we were quite hungry after the climbs.

Between two climbs we met another bikepacker who was carrying proudly a Spanish flag, so Maria said “Hola” just went we met, the guy asked: “españoles?” to what Maria replied by the affirmative. The Spanish man got excited and turned around to come and greet us, saying that when Spanish people meet each other on the road they should at least stop to chat. We talked a bit with the man who explained to us that he started from Zaragoza in Spain and was heading to the north cap, he had been already on the road for two months.

We continued our day, the road was again extremely beautiful.

We passed a nice bridge with beautiful surroundings.

We then crossed few tunnels and climbed a bit more. This time we could not avoid the rain and we became completely soaked in few minutes but since it was quite warm we didn’t mind that much.

After almost 90km we found a nice camping spot with a really cool view on the mountains and the water. The perfect place to fall asleep peacefully.

More pictures from the day.

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